-What We Do-


The Wheelhouse Studio is a recording studio located in Arvada, CO, specializing in providing affordable, high-quality recordings for full bands as well as independent artists.

Tracking, comping, editing, mixing, re-amping, vocal tuning and on to the final master, The Wheelhouse Studio has the capability to deliver a high-quality project on a musician's budget.

-Why We Do What We Do-

The mission is simple: Provide high quality records at prices the average musician can afford.


Why do we do it? Because we love music and the recording arts, and we think that there should be a comfortable and creative place for all artists to record a quality project on a budget.

-What We Use To Do It-

  • Plug-Ins: Universal Audio (UAD), Slate (everything), Waves (SSL), IK Multimedia (T-Racks & Amplitube 4), Izotope (Ozone 8 & Neutron), Eventide, Melodyne, Anteres, Others

  • Console: Amek Big by Langley Dual In-line 28 Channel Analog Console

  • Interfaces/Converters: Universal Audio Apollo w/Unison Preamps & Presonus Quantum 48x48

  • Outboard: (1) UA 610 Tube Pre; (2) Manley Core Channel Strips; (2) Golden Age Pre-73 MkIII;(2) Golden Age Pre-73 MkII; (4) WA-412 (API 312 clones); Mesa Boogie Subway Bass DI; Radial Engineering DIs & Reamping; Sonic Farm 2DI4 Pentode Direct Box; (1) WA76 Limiting Amplifier; (1) GA Comp 3A; CloudMicrophones Cloudlifter In-line Amp (2) ELI Distressors Stereo Pair

  • Mics:(1) Mojave M200; (2) Avantone CV-12; (1) Warm Audio WA14; (1) Warm Audio WA87 (1) SE VR1 Ribbon; (1) Cascade Fat Head Ribbon; (2) Blue Hummingbird; (1) Blue Bluebird; (2) RODE M5 (Matched Pair); (1) Shure SM7B; (1) Shure S55; (3) Sennheiser e604; (1) Shure Beta 52; (1) Miktek PM11; (1) AKG D112; (1) DW Moon Mic; (3) Electro-Voice ND46; (1) Heil PR40; (4) Shure SM57; (1) Audix i5; (2) Blue 100i; (1) Sennheiser e609; (1) Sennheiser e906; (2) Sennheiser e835; (1) SE 2200 aII; (4) Shure Beta 98D/S; (1) Shure Green Bullet; (1) Shure Beta 58

  • Guitar Amps: Satellite Custom Head; Orange Dual Terror Head; Carvin Vintage 16 Head

  • Cabs: Swart 2-12 Open-backed Loaded with (2) Mojo BV-30H Loudspeakers; Carvin 2-12 Open-backed Loaded with (2) Celestion Vintage G-12 Loudspeakers; (1) Rivera Silent Sister Loaded with (1) Celestion Vintage G-12 Loudspeaker; Custom Mojo 1-12 Closed-back Loaded with (1) Celestion 25w Greenback Loudspeaker

  • Drums: 2016 SJC American Custom; 22,12,16; 2005 Pork Pie American Custom; 22,12,13,16; Alesis Strike Force Electronic Drums w/ Mesh Heads

  • Snares: 2017 SJC Maple 5x14; 2005 Pork Pie Maple 5x14; Pearl Chad Smith Signature 5x14; Pearl Brass Piccolo 3x13; Pork Pie Brass 6.5x14

  • Guitars: Custom Telecaster; Carvin Acoustic; Ibanez SD 4-String Bass

  • KORG SV1 (73 Weighted Keys)

  • Yamaha Keyboard/Midi Controller (88 Weighted Keys)