There's a new Rehearsal Studio in town!

The Music Range is a new back-lined rehearsal studio in Lakewood, CO. The Music Range is open 24 hrs / day and has hourly and monthly rates! I had a chance to rehearse there with my band (Black Yeti), and was thoroughly impressed with the facility. The experience went like this:

I booked (and payed for) an available time-slot right from The Music Range website. I immediately received an email confirmation with instructions to gain entry to the studio at my scheduled time. I just downloaded the app on my phone - it was super easy.

Upon arrival, the phone app worked perfectly to unlock our studio and we were ready to play in no time. A few things struck me right from the giddy-up:

1. The place was clean; it did not smell musty or gamey from the last band that was in there. It did not have over-flowing trash cans or disgusting restrooms. Very tidy, very comfortable.

2. The back line equipment was of good quality and in good repair. Everything worked and everything sounded good. No technical issues to sort out and burn through our precious studio time.

3. The place was comfortable; temperature controlled. Some rehearsal studios in town feel like a meat locker this time of year, or like a sauna in the summer. This place has heat and A/C. It seems like a little thing...but any of you that have rehearsed at a few of the bigger studios around know first-hand how important heating and A/C are during the summer and winter months. I also spotted some portable fans in the common area that could be moved in to the studio if needed - pretty thoughtful.

There were a few other bands playing in other studios during our session. The sound isolation was adequate and the noise bleed was minimal and not at all disruptive to our rehearsal.

All in all, it was a great experience and I will be back. It's great to have a new place to rehearse on the west side of town. Even better - it's clean and the backline is superior to many other jam spaces in town. I recommend you check it out - book your next rehearsal at The Music Range - I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Finally, I spent some time talking to The Music Range owner, Rob. He is very passionate about the arts and is a musician himself. He and I were both excited about the potential for our two businesses to support each other. A rehearsal studio and a recording studio...we think these two facilities compliment each other nicely! Rob and I will be working together to partner on some potential promotions in the future, so...stay tuned for some updates.

Until next time, take care!


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